Round Two

This morning I was skimming through some old pages on my Facebook account when I came across something unsettling. Hidden on my “About” page among a collection of cheesy inspirational quotes and details about my family and relationship status is a timeline Facebook has kept of my life. It states from 2014 to 2016 in underwhelming gray lettering, “No life events to show”.

My first response to this was vehement denial, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn’t exactly wrong. It’s easy to let expectation and indifference drag you through your late teens and early twenties. You’ve heard the checklist before: Graduate high school. Go to university. Find a job. Be an adult.

This conveyor belt, while admittedly necessary, has kept me disproportionately uninvolved in my own life. It makes me lazy. It makes it simple to sit back, study hard, and let life unfurl before me. But lately, discomfort with this feeling of apathetic automation has been gnawing at the back of my mind.

So, I made the decision to take matters into my own hands.

Around the time I wrote my ‘Halfway’ blog post it started occurring to me that the two remaining months I had in Switzerland were not going to be enough. There were still so many places to go. So many experiences I’d yet to have. I wanted to stay in Leysin. Badly. So, fueled by my eternal optimism, the encouragement of some very wonderful people, and a deep-seated unwillingness to leave, I came up with a plan.


I emailed my boss to let him know I had come up with an idea for a new social media-oriented position at LAS and that, if the school was interested, I would love to be the one to implement it this summer. I received a quick, kind reply less than an hour later; he would be very interested in hearing my pitch but unfortunately I had just missed the hiring season and housing wouldn’t have any extra room to accommodate me.

So, that was that.

In 60 short days I was to pack up my belongings and return to Waterloo. I had begun to prepare myself mentally and had nearly arrived at a place of reluctant acceptance. But then, motivated by an unexpected pep talk and some Google searches of Switzerland in the summertime, I was convinced to give staying on one last shot. It took several meetings and some careful coordination with LAS and Waterloo to make it happen, but in exactly one week I will be jetting off to Switzerland and rejoining LAS as their first ever Social Media and Content Strategist co-op.

can’t wait to wake up to this view again

It’s surreal to be given the opportunity to bring to life a job that, two months ago, used to only exist on paper. It’s exciting. It’s nerve-wracking. And I definitely don’t know what the next three months will hold. The liminal space is more real now than ever.

So reader, with that, I’m bringing my blog back for this unexpected second leg of my Swiss adventure. Thanks for following along so far. I hope you’ll stick around for round two!


PS. I’ve been at home for the past couple of weeks, reunited with my extensive tea collection and surrounded by all my old high school belongings. This is what cozying up in my own bed with a cup of blueberry tea on a Wednesday evening sounds like:

  • Cool Blue – The Japanese House
  • Cherry Wine – Hozier
  • Georgia – Vance Joy
  • You Won’t Know Where You Stand – Aquilo
  • Above The Clouds of Pompeii – Bear’s Den
  • My Old Man – Mac Demarco
  • All The Sad Young Men – Spector
  • Without You – Oh Wonder

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